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Wedding Catering in the Villa



The building known as the “Canevon” in the Villa Varda grounds can be booked as a catering venue during wedding receptions, as long as it is not being used by the Town Council for initiatives of public interest.

There are two floors in the building and guests can also make use of an outdoor area known as the Rose Garden.

It may be possible to make arrangements with the council representative to have welcome drinks in a different part of the villa grounds.

The building has a maximum capacity of 140 people. The room on the ground floor can seat 120 people comfortably and hold up to the maximum capacity of 140 people if required. The catering service chosen by the couple who are due to get married will be provided with a food preparation area outside. Food must not be prepared inside the building.
Electricity and water supplies are available on site.


The bride/groom (or a representative acting on their behalf) can collect the keys to the building during office hours on the weekday before the wedding day, so that the venue can be decorated.

The keys must be returned the day after the wedding (or on the following weekday if the wedding takes place on a Saturday).

It may be possible to make arrangements with the council representative to visit the venue beforehand and to find different ways to collect and return the keys, depending on the scheduled events in the grounds.

There are no time restrictions for the use of the facilities.

Sala Catering
Area esterna Catering


€1,000.00, to be paid at least 30 days before the ceremony.

A single payment for this amount must be sent by bank transfer to the account of the Town Council Treasurer’s Office:

FriulAdria Credit Agricole” Bank, Brugnera Branch, Via Santissima Trinità 126/A
IBAN: IT12A 05336 64790 0000 30229650.

In the description, please state “Versamento per catering di matrimonio a Villa Varda”.

Confirmation of the payment must be taken to Brugnera Town Council’s Environment and Tourism Office and handed over along with your full name, home address and tax code so that an invoice can be issued.

Authorization to use the facilities will only be given once proof of payment has been provided.


The Town Council shall clean the venue before and after use. It shall be completely unfurnished unless other arrangements are made. The Town Council shall also supply electricity, as well as heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer.


When the Town Council hands over the keys, the venue shall be in a good state of repair and the electricity, heating and air conditioning systems will be working efficiently. Everything must be found in the same condition at the end of the hire period. If any damage to the buildings and facilities is found and the users are deemed to be to blame, the extent shall be assessed and the users shall be charged. Please act sensibly and use your common sense during the celebrations.


Users are responsible for opening, closing and looking after the facilities during the event.


Per eventuali informazioni e prenotazioni chiamare:

To ask for information and make reservations, please call
Simone De Giusti at the Environment and Tourism Office on +39 0434 616702. Alternatively, send an email to:

Office hours:

  • Monday and Tuesday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday to Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm